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“The Fathom Series” at the Ellen Miller Gallery in Boston

Revel, 24.5 x 19.24 inches, cut paper and digital print, 2023

“The Fathom Series”, a solo exhibition of new constructed drawings and prints by Imi Hwangbo, will be shown at the Ellen Miller Gallery in Boston from November 22 – December 24, 2024.

Imi Hwangbo’s delicate reliefs carve two dimensional patterns, creating lines with edges, and shapes with negative space. Trained as a sculptor, Hwangbo’s practice combines image, object, and material. Her work recalls the traditional Korean art of pojagi: four-cornered wrapping cloths embroidered with patterns which reference Korean folk beliefs. Hwangbo’s patterns begin as hand-drawn shapes, which she develops with layers of cut paper. The completed artworks create depth with layered apertures and overlapping edges. “The Fathom Series” explores the boundaries between the real and imagined. Ever-present is the concept of infinity, implicit in her repeating patterns.

“The Constructed Print Series” is a new line of work from her studio. The new prints combine elaborate patterns in cut paper with a hand-drawn image. Each print begins with a drawing in pencil that evokes an optical illusion of great depth. The drawings are contrasted with cut paper patterns that provide a subtle relief element. The patterns, which resemble a floating field of flowers, are drawn from Korean decorative arts. Seen against an illusionistic image of deep space, the floral patterns create a drawing with light and shadow. There are multiple designs in this series, with colors that include dark blue, light blue, black, and red.

The Ellen Miller Gallery is a leading contemporary art gallery in Boston. The gallery is located in a premier space in the SoWA section of the South End. The gallery focuses primarily on mid and late career artists working with innovative materials and addressing societal themes.

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